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soundscape of the north

january - june 2011
field recordings and video: Marcin Dymiter
drawings: Ludomir Franczak

Soundscape of the North project is apart from Sound Postcards an original project connected with field recording.

Because of my interest in the coast of the Baltic Sea, I would like to present forgotten or little-known places at the Polish coast. I am interested in the sound which is generated without people or streets’ participation. I would like to show the region after the season. The project presents interesting, intriguing places in the north of Poland.

My project involves the area from Vistula Spit to the Wolin Island. The complexity of the coast nature, its richness and diversity of the nature become the basis of the sound study.

I hope the project will become an inspiration to explore the coast with alternative sound routes. Mass tourism trivializes the sea.

The project was conducted thanks to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Ustka Lędowo Jamno/Bukowo Rezerwat Łazy Bukowo Dolina Słupi Wyspa Wolin Trzęsacz Jar Raduni Wieżyca Mewia Łacha Jelitkowo Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy Kępa Redłowska Słowiński Park Narodowy Gałąźnia Mała Stilo Jezioro Żarnowieckie Nadmorski Park Krajobrazowy Gwiazda Północy Groty Mechowskie Półwysep Helski Ptasi Raj Mierzeja Wiślana