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audio file - 4 elements

four premiere pieces
prepared for Parkowanie

Francisco López, untitled #246 [22:24]
Composed in Amsterdam, Spring 2010

Marcin Dymiter, struktury_woda [12:20]
Recorded in 2009 -2010, Gdańsk, Łeba, Ustka, Słupsk

Alfredo Costa Monteiro, A rumour from the under void [19:00]
For field recordings of amplified and empty urban subterranean spaces. Recorded and mixed in barcelona from may to july 2010

Rob Curnvegen, wind [13:40]
Made from new field recordings done in Australia this year

The project is based on various interpretations of the actual atmosphere. Each work is dedicated to a different element. Francesco Lopez, Rob Curgenven, Alfredo Costa Moneiro took part in this project.

Recording, working in the area, exploring the audio material, the effect of space listening and its interpretation.

Listen online:
Marcin Dymiter, struktury_woda

graphic design:
Patrycja Orzechowska