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environmental music

"Careful listening is more important than making sounds happen."
Alvin Lucier

The Environmental Music is a new field recording project which will focus on places found during recording sessions, walks and researches. While Sound Postcards is a kind of wide observation of urban spaces, the Environmental Music will be dedicated to the peripheries. Once we decide to listen to the given environment with full attention, soon we will discover its all sonic features. Those which are pleasant as well as those, which we'd like to remove from the acoustics of the place. When listening to the environment, at the same time we're creating a piece woven of all the surrounding sounds. The Environmental Music is a series of pieces made of sounds heard and recorded.

at the edge of city, at the edge of forest

september, 2010
time: 24'20''

This programme was recorded in September 2010 in the Tricity Scenic Park. It can be called “forest in the city” or “city in the forest”. The presence and proximity of nature and at the same time its marginalization are very interesting issues.

I found a place where a sense of arbitrariness in landscape assessment is destroyed. Neither is it a city, nor forest recording.

These worlds interfere with each other.

at the edge of city, at the edge of forest:
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