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Mobile Diary (radio play)
time: 33' 40

"Mobile diary" radio play is devoted to people resettled, escaping in 1945 to regained territories and a specific place which is Słupsk. The accounts of Słupsk dwellers remembering their lot and listening the sound of the town became a basis for this audio work. The lot of people entangled in the war is not understandable. I would like to thank everyone, who took part in the recordings.

time: 10' 20

It is a work on the boarder of documentary and field recording. 21 demands of Intercollegiate Strike Committee constitutes the world’s heritage and has been registered in UNESCO book. The clash of participants’ voices and Solidarity activists, people who remember that time from their childhood or youth and the voice of children and teenagers for whom the events are known only from history classes. The project has been realized as a part of Solidarity Citizen project.

a project by Ludomir Franczak, 2008

Teatr Okazjonalny, music: Paweł Nowicki, Marcin Dymiter, 2009

Olga, eine charmante Frau
Czango Troupe, monodrama by Monika Dąbrowska, 2010

Crocodiles’ Getaway from Lipiny
from New City Legends series: Moma Film Foundation, 2010

The Valley of Rotten Bridges (video)
a piece for small acoustic objects, 2009

photo by Honorata Martin

Słuchaj online:
Mobile Diary
Erft (fragment)
Olga, eine charmante Frau (fragment)
Crocodiles’ Getaway from Lipiny
◦ Audio installation MAYSEA

Audio installation MAYSEA is based on the language analysis: audio/onomatopoeic aspect – in this case the sound of the sea imagination. The basis of the project is finding audio documentation that could answer the question: What sound does the sea produce? What sounds does the word “sea” evolve in your mind?

To achieve this, I have visited several towns situated both at the coast and farther into the land in other parts of Poland to compare impressions of the sea sound. An attempt to refer to the real sea sound deepens the conventionality of the whole audio event. However, it is all about stimulating imagination.

Listen online: MAYSEA

photo by Paweł Duczmal