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audio-video project

Ania Witkowska - video
Kuba Staruszkiewicz - drums
Paweł Nowicki - vibraphone
Marcin Dymiter - elekctronics, field recording

A town undergoes constant changes. Old places neighbour new ones. What was the reality, becomes a part of our memory, a passing record. A town is a acoustic palimpsest – present sounds meet those from the past. Sounds hover in the air as ghosts. Town – charged with magnetic field, fans – awakens, teases neurons, evokes pictures and sounds. Distant sounds can soothe ear. Infrasounds cause nervousness and day-dreaming.

Marcin Dymiter aka emiter

Wrzeszcz Project had its premiere on October 9th, 2011 in Gdańsk at V Transwizualia Festival. The meeting of Gdańsk artists at the border of two media is a combination of electronics, acoustic instruments, sounds of the surroundings and video work. Improvisation and audio interpretation of the picture synthesis.

Ania Witkowska’s video is a special essay about neighbourhood, a specific town tissue of Wrzeszcz. Thus, the idea to make a structural film. The artist refers to the creative methods used by Robert Moriss in 60-70s and uses mirror in her realization. Town is to see its own reflection.

Wrzeszcz project takes us to the space liberated from the reality dimension, which becomes a topic for a musical and visual tour.